Promises Unmade

Promises unmade wandering away, eternally yearning for a reason to stay away from the mists of neverending yesterday. But they cannot move on, they are forever bound to stay,into an endless night of sorrow and dismay. Vulko Donev,22 August 2018 Advertisements

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Collision Of The Mind

Why have you left our love behind,do you think i am blind, i cannot see there might be some happiness left to find, why you left me forever wandering alone this world so unkind. Collision Of The Mind is what you have done to me,go now and set me free,i shall never belong to anyone […]

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Forever Mine

All that i am, all that i`ll ever be,will be but heart without a key. It is yours to keep, but i know we`ll never meet,we shall always weep everlasting distance divides us too deep. Vulko Donev,18 June 2018

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Ashes Of Eternity

I wish i could touch you, tell you i love you as i look into your eyes… So many things,that will never be,stories i wish to tell you as we watch the sunset drown into the sea… Ashes Of Eternity keeping us apart, darkness – inevitable aftermath. Vulko Donev,30 May 2018

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Distant Dreams

Distant dreams that once belonged to ghosts that now do nothing, but scream. All the desires have long gone, only empty shells of souls eternally bound to linger on. Vulko Donev,29 April 2018

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Autumn Of Tears

And then one day she was gone far away,i looked for her everywhere, night and day but where she vanished,none could say. I shall eternally wait for her in the Autumn Of Tears, where the leaves are falling years. Vulko Donev,25 April 2018

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Just Another Ghost

Just another ghost fading away,in a realm without tomorrow and neverexisting yesterday. Wondering where all the light has gone and all the memories bend, in a realm where hope is a street with dead end. Vulko Donev,31 March 2018  

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