Autumn Of Tears

And then one day she was gone far away,i looked for her everywhere, night and day but where she vanished,none could say. I shall eternally wait for her in the Autumn Of Tears, where the leaves are falling years. Vulko Donev,25 April 2018 Advertisements

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Just Another Ghost

Just another ghost fading away,in a realm without tomorrow and neverexisting yesterday. Wondering where all the light has gone and all the memories bend, in a realm where hope is a street with dead end. Vulko Donev,31 March 2018  

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Void Of Oblivion

Where did all the bright memories go where the light of first dawn lost its soul? Into Void Of Oblivion they shall eternally dwell,a place not wanted in Heaven, not needed in Hell. Vulko Donev,20 February 2018

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One Of A Kind

You are one of a kind,sometimes i wonder if you are real at all, or just some fantasy dream that is about to fall. I wonder whether you will be mine beyond the passage of time. My most dreadful nightmare is a day, when you`ll be gone far away,into the mist of my yesterday,oh,in my […]

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Beyond Eternity

In a time when the sun cease to shine where the snowflakes never die in a world with no lies. You would lay forever in my arms,when the ages Beyond Eternity come to pass. Vulko Donev,11 December 2017

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Sanctuary For Broken Hearts

Sanctuary for broken hearts is a place, where your shattered pieces shall be kept safe. There,you will find no more reasons to weep no restless thoughts at night shall keep you away from sleep. Tears shall be forever gone and the memories will stay back in the day when in the world reign no sorrow […]

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