Things Unimaginable

Don`t you ever go away,never fade into the mist of my yesterday. When you were not here,all those times i couldn`t feel you near, the stars on my night sky were painted with tar. Things Unimaginable happen when you are far, my sky forever lost its star. Vulko Donev,24 October 2017 Advertisements

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Future Folded In Mist

Last night i could not sleep, memories of my past still keep haunting me too deep. I think i am getting old, for this world in my heart is growing cold. My cold hands in the sunrise warm up,from the falling morning dew. From the pink edge of the sky, i wish nothing,but the breeze […]

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If I Only Had…

If i only had the time,to make you mine, the joy in our hearts would never be covered in vines. Never had you ceased caring for me, i was but too blind to see. And so i dream of this day forever,when our souls will be entwined together and the universe cease to endeavour. Vulko […]

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Naive Fool

What a Naive Fool i was,thinking love is happiness`s eternal source. Day after day i was waiting to see, if in your thoughts i stay,but you gave me nothing, but dismay. Feeling of love, go burn in Hell, what a lovely smell, you won`t be ringing ever again on my doorbell. Vulko Donev,3 September 2017

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Eternal Love

I had lost all my hope love is able to last for so far i only crushed into love, that is fading fast. And then you came into my life, you gave me strength to survive and my hope in love is bound to revive. Eternal Love is all i ever wished for, i could […]

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Never Again

Once again,you have broken my spirit, you have crushed it in a matter of minutes. I have tried gathering myself to give you one very last chance, but you never saw the guilt in yourself, you made me feel like doing the death dance. Never Again will i trust in you, love,for you are no […]

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Sea-Worn Driftwood

Sea-Worn Driftwood sailing on the waves thunder fills the frozen air the wood is split in two drifting nowhere. Like this picture my soul forever shall stay,in a land with no night and day. Vulko Donev,6 August 2017

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