Galactic Dust

There are galaxies dying out there, and we don`t even care. Lost in our little world of fantasy, ignorant of all things in the galaxy. We lay in the years of Galactic Dust, not concerned of everything turned to rust. Vulko Donev,17 June 2017

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Individualistic Poem

I have always been myself,i just don`t know how to be anyone else,nor i wish to try nonetheless.   In this world made of ice, you have to trust naught, but your own advice.   Always follow your heart and dreams, beyond the count of years, and even if they lead to tears, be proud,for […]

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Everlasting Forever

In another world,in another time, my soul shall be thine. On this Earth we will never be together and my ghost shall haunt you until the Everlasting Forever, where our spirits are bound to endeavour. Vulko Donev,13 June 2017

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Lost And Forgotten

No man will ever love you like i did,one day you shall cry all alone in the mist. We will both be lost and forgotten nothing will ever ease the pain, that is awoken but our ghosts shall forever share their sorrow unspoken. Vulko Donev,11 June 2017

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Fading World

In this life or another you will not go without me further. I shall follow you beyond the Stars,no matter where you are. We will walk hand by hand,in a fading world,with no end. Vulko Donev,6 June 2017

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Hopeless Poem

Since the day i was born,my world was torn. What i could have been has gone only a pale shadow remained to linger on. Reflection of a long dead soul, which has never been given the chance to live,was cursed to move on. Universe has lost its beauty since then the world has become a […]

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Into The Beyond

There is an island beyond the Sea, where no sorrow can ever be. Oblivion it`s called and exists since times of old. Oh,how i wish to go and live there, away from all despair. Tears will get dry and the Sun shall fade, into the Beyond where Eternity awaits. Vulko Donev,30 May 2017

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